There are so many wonderful charities and organizations out there, but I choose to help the Whole Child Foundation because it really hits home to me.

Not only can I relate to the cause they are working towards, I can relate to these people personally. All of the clinical members of Whole Child LA are equally qualified and talented, but there are those who mean the most for me.

Christopher Slate was my Craniosacral Therapist, Dr. Esther Dreifuss-Kattan was my Art Therapist, Dr. Kathryn dePlanque was my Hypnotherapist, and Beth Sternlieb was my Iyengar Yoga Teacher. These amazing individuals came together and saved my life.

There are many other members of the clinical team who helped me, but there is one person in particular who I feel I owe everything to; Dr. Lonnie K. Zeltzer.

Dr. Zeltzer is the Program and Clinical Director of Whole Child LA and my savior. I do not have enough words to describe how strong and ingenious this woman is. I don't mean to speak for her, but in my opinion, she is on a mission.

Her mission is to give a voice to everyone who was told they were crazy because their pain isn't real.

When she was training to be a doctor, there were children complaining of having pains that were unexplained. The doctors told her the kids were making it up. That's when Dr. Zeltzer realized what they hadn't; why would all of these kids who don't know each other make this up?

She believed us when no one else did, and when some professionals still don't. It's not that we are brats trying to get attention. We are independent, happy, smart, athletic people with such bright futures ahead of us, and Dr. Zeltzer noticed that.

To me she is a hero, and I do not say that lightly. I know first hand that if Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer has anything to do with it, I am at the right place; I chose the right foundation to support.

I am determined to do her well and to give back to her and the program as much as they gave to me. Their methods combine conventional medicine with more unusual ideas, but I will never be able to repay them for their caring and charismatic attitudes.

If anything can make a difference and help kids and families going through chronic pain, it is Whole Child LA.

A donation to Teen Pain Help Foundation is a contribution to Whole Child LA.

- Georgia Huston


Chronic pain is a battle that many suffer from. Even though people can get chronic pain as adults, there are those who get it during childhood. If persistant pain is not acknowledged and treated, it can become a lifelong battle.

Most doctors will just write you a perscription for your pain. That is the easiest solution at the time, but many times drugs don't help with chronic pain. Even if they help, when the meds wear off, the pain will come back. What are you going to do -- keep going back for more medicine?

Whole Child LA focuses on both the mind and the body. They are not looking for a short-term, easy solution. They work on providing you with tools that will specifically relate to your life so that you will have the best possible outcome.

There is such a wild variety of methods that anyone can find something to help them. They have Physical Therapists, a Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, a Clinical Psychologist, and Physicians.

Those are most likely expected and are found at most medical clinics, so what they specialize in are the unconventional things that most people wouldn't expect to help with pain.

A certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor teaches this special type of yoga, specific to injuries. It aligns and strenghtens the body by using physical strengths to compensate for its weaknesses.

A Craniosacral Therapist offers a type of massage that uses self-correcting body manipulation by using soft touches. It not only relaxes, providing comfort, but resets the body in a healing way.

An Educational Consultant, who used to be a teacher, will help children with their schoolwork. Many kids have to drop out of school and fall behind because it is hard to keep up when not in class or if the child's mind cannot focus.

Biofeedback is used to promote understanding the relationship between mind and body functions. It teaches the mind how to respond to the body's pain by changing what it feels.

A Child and Family Therapist will talk to the kids one on one, to help them cope with their pain experiences, and will combine how the child going through it feels with how his/her siblings and family also feel. That helps with communication and keeping a sense of peace amongst the chaos.

Their Acupuncturist has such gentle techniques that even children can appreciate this healing without fear. The little needles may be intimidating to some people, but many benefit from it.

The Music Therapist helps reduce anxiety and pain with their patients. Music is a great, non-verbal, comforting way to reach kids, relax them, and have them start rebuilding their lives.

An Art Therapist works to communicate and penetrate into the mind of the patient through the use of art techniques. Even for the non-artist, unconscious choices can unlock thoughts and express feelings better than words.

A Hypnotherapist uses imagery and relaxation techniques to provide healing and stress reducing effects on the body. These tools will help confront difficult situations both during and after a child's recovery.

The amount of work and care that go into all of these different tactics is mind blowing and humbling.

One solution doesn't fit all; everyone is different and that is what is so refreshing about this clinic. They work with whatever treatments fit each kid personally and that is how this system is so effective.

Whole Child LA's unique approach to dealing with pediatric pain management works. The more faith you put into it, the better the reward will be.

And that's why Teen Pain Help Foundation wants to support them.

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